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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Donate Your Eyes After Death - Total Blinds In India - 15 Million By 2011

Somebody did a good analysis
Hi Uncle, Aunty, Brother, Sister, Grand Pa, Grand Ma...
Thanks for that
India's Total Population 118 Crores. Daily Death - 62389 Daily Birth - 86853 Total Blinds - 1,50,00,000
If Daily Dead People Donate their Eyes, within 1 Year all Blinds will be able to See.
After your Die Donate Your Eye Please
Then in India there will b NO Blinds.

Kind Hearted, help them also to see like us
I Love My India

Ashok Kumar J
SEO Analyst

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- Charlie Chaplin
Please consider
Stop putting your parents in *OLD AGE
, Education & Food for poor children
Save A Girl Child ,


Don`t give the wrong data. Check from some good authentic website ur calculations. Total blinds in india is more than 15 millions.

Thanks for your correction Dear.

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thank

SEO Chennai

Total eye blinds are more than 1,50,00,000 and corneal blinds are more than 7,00,000... we can only donate eyes to corneal blinds.. every year 1,50,000 donations needed to eradicate corneal blindness in India.. I gave my bit of information as my friend anonymous has given incomplete information..