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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ashok kumar - the great indian hockey player

Ashok kumar the great indian hockey player

Ashok kumar is an great indian hockey player.

Ashok kumar son of great hockey player dhyan chand who was born on 1950 june 1 in uttar pradesh.

Ashok Kumar played in the World Cup four times and the Olympics twice.

Ashok kumar was member of the team that won Bronze at the first World Cup Barcelona in 1971.

Ashok kumar did the winning goal in 1975 hockey World Cup

Ashok started playing hockey when just six years old

Highlight of his career in the 1975 World Cup held in Kuala Lumpur.

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my dear gretest hockey player!!!!1 ashok kumar the fastest forward in the world has ever seensush fine disply of dazzling stick work speed speed speed humble ,handsome softspoken why i said spoken cause happen like tkis way back in montreal olympic 1976 as a nive young hockey at the age 18 i was sent in on a mission to get ashok out for he was a danger to our team,i was instructed to take him out,i hope sir, u can forgive me for doing that to you ! ihave been living with it untill today sir having to live with mental touch hurting u with a hockey stick on your back! sir u turn around n said hey why this ,that very second i was brought out !,sir please for give me tuvm god bless u and your family n all great hockey players of india.adc

Dear Sir, I am Mr. Ashok Kumar`s son and I have conveyed your feelings to my father. He does not hold anything against you and he wishes you all the best. He wanted to know your name, but you had not mentioned it here. You can connect with him directly at
Take care and God Bless