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Sunday, April 19, 2009

ARUNDHATI Movie review Pasubathi Pakkiri sha Kannama


Hi friends i am in chennai working in IT industry(seo). Need to tell something about ARUNDHATIfilm


One word to tell you frank i never ever seen one film more than 3 to 4 times but know i seen ARUNDHATIfilm for more than 80 times i could not have the words to elaborate.

In this film four roles are very attracting one is ARUNDHATI (jakkama)(Anuska)

second one is Pasubathi (Sonu Sood)

Third one is Pakkiri sha (Shayaji Shinde)

Fourth one is Kannama (Manorama)

M/s Anuska i seen your rendu(with madhavan) tamil film i thougt you are nothing because you do not have a chance to act, but now you got a 100% chance so proved yourself in ARUNDHATI film.

One more information after the Amman(Ramya krishnan) film ARUNDHATI(Anuska) is top most film in my view, Music of this film, settings, story sequence all of them good work.

Actualy i do not have a words to elobrate - "gorgeous "

Sonu Sood you are not acting in this film to give the live of pasubathi. - great

Shayaji Shinde you are an excellent person in this film industry, you done such a incredible act in your end. - Amazing

Manorama(achi) Achi you are not only third generation human in ARUNDHATI film real life also you are an third generation diamond. - superlative

Ashok kumar .J


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